Professional landscape design
within your reach

Pebble-stream landscape architectural consulting
in the Finger Lakes Region

(It's not just about plants)

You want the most from your property: privacy, control, and a beautiful view.
But most of us are overwhelmed when faced with everything
that goes into creating a thriving, enriching landscape environment.

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Everyone can benefit
from the expertise of a landscape architect.

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Here for you

Pebble-stream has a one-time, on-site collaborative consulting service that is designed for people who need advice about how to achieve their goals and prioritize landscape work at their own pace.
Email us for hourly rates or to set it up:


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If you need it...

Sure, we do full-blown plans showing spatial layout and circulation, grading and drainage, planting design and all the rest. We can help you get through municipal review, compare estimates, schedule work, observe progress, trouble-shoot, set up management plans…

But if you want to tackle a little at a time...

A Site Consultation may be just the thing.

Here’s what you get:

  • pebbleSite visit, any time, any day of the week.
  • pebbleThorough discussion of all of your concerns.
  • pebbleIdea brainstorming with you and your family.
  • pebblePhotographic documentation showing details of interest.
  • pebbleAdvice on how to organize and phase the work.
  • pebbleWritten brief of priorities, goals, and objectives.

How much does all this cost? Most consultations can be done in five hours or less.
Email us to set up a phone call to get started!

Enhancing the beauty of the Finger Lakes,
one site at a time.

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